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Camel Safaris trace their origin to the age of overland trade between India and China when caravans would journey along the' established trade routes laden with the herbs and jewels. The latest activity in the Thar desert is the camel safari. Route navigation in the desert is an acquired art and the caravans are required to be trained in riding of camels, reading of the stars and the shifting of the sands of the terrain.

2-3 days camel ride through sunset shades of heart of Indian desert, experiencing the bygone era of camel caravans trade route between Persia & Mangolia! We camp near the sandy dunes while enjoying the moods of the desert.

Our camel trail leads us through the rarely-visited villages & castles reflecting the colorful rich cultural history of the Great Indian Desert. We visit the Golden walled City of Jaisalmer with its stone carved mansions & the Sun City of Jodhpur with its magnificent impregnable massive Hill Fort & Palaces - an unforgettable highlight to your journey through North India.

India is a very vast and extraordinarily varied land, offering almost unlimited opportunities for adventure sports of all sorts - from mountain-climbing and trekking to scuba diving and whitewater rafting and much more. However, for many visitors adventure travel in India means safari travel, and the best-known safari area in the country is the vast expanse of Thar Desert, with its continuous stretch of golden sand.

Itineraries are specially made for Weekend, i.e. Friday-Saturday-Sunday.
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Jaisalmer Camel Safari

Highlights : Camel Safari is one of the unique way to explore small villages in Rajasthan. Camel Safaris at the top of this ship of the desert is most exciting and soft adventure. Riding a camel is not easy as people consider. It is neither a great test for endurance. It is a great experience to explore The Thar - a vibrantly, living, desert, very colorful and hospitable.

Itineraries of 2 to 7 days can be arranged traversing approx. 40-50 kms a day on camel. These itineraries are planned in the region of Bikaner, Khimsar, Osian and Jaisalmer. Nights halts are usually given near the village to provide opportunities to mingle with the local village folks and to provide insight to the traditional way of their life and culture. Besides one camel per pax on the safari, a camel cart accompanies on the tour to handle baggage and allow riders to take rest as and when required.

Duration : Three Days
Camel Safari : One Night / Two Days
Area : Western Rajasthan
Best Season : October to March
Weather : Warm Sunny days and cold nights.
Focus : Camel Safari in the interiors of Desert region
Grading : Moderate

(can be tailor-made on request)

Arrive at the Desert City of Jaisalmer. It is a city of architectural dreams in the lonely silence of the desert. We explore the Patwon ki Haveli, Nathumalji ki Haveli and Salim Singhji ki Haveli. These are some of the beautiful mansions of the city. Evening witness the dance and music show at your hotel. Overnight stay at the Hotel.

Morning after breakfast start on your camels from Hotel and stop over in Badabagh (6 Kms.). Badabagh is the place of cremation ground of the Royal family, which dates back to the 12th. Century. The pyramidal once are the oldest and they are in Rajput style. The spherical ones are later built and they are in Mughal style. There is an artificial seasonal lake, which was built by Maharawal Jait Singh in the 15th. Century with a garden on its bank.

Later after the visit we continue on to Ram Kunda (6 Kms.). Ramkunda is on the bank of the bank of the river Kak which is a mythical river. Locals believe that the water of the river has miraculous healing effects. On its bank are two temples. We will stop here for lunch and after Lunch we will continue on our safari to reach Ludarwa. Overnight in tents (Safari - 17 Kms.)

Ludarwa, the capital of the Bhati Rajput from 8th. Century to 12th. Century before which Lord Rajputs were ruling Ludarwa. They came to Ludarwa in 8th. Century from Deorwal which is now in Pakistan. According to the available history the Jain Temple here dates back to start of BC era. There is a tree at the compound of the temple, which is made up of eight metals and was built in the 18th. Century.
Later after the visit to the temple we visit Moolsagar. Maharawal Mool Rajji in the 15th built

Moolsagar. Century and today it is more a picnic place for the locals. On the side of the Moolsagar is a very deep well which is used by the locals to draw water with the help of camels for irrigation purpose. The camel hide bucket and the indigenous method used for drawing water is attraction for us. On the walls of the well are carved images of Hindu gods.

After the visit we ride the camels all the way back to our hotel in Jaisalmer (Safari - 17 Kms.)

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Bikaner Camel Safari

Highlights : Bikaner was founded in 1488 by a descendant of the founder of Jodhpur named Rao Bhikaji. The city is encircled by high fortifications comprising a 7 km long wall which bounds the old city and has 5 entrances. All these were established in the 18th century. Bikaner, the sprawling desert city of Rajasthan is an interesting site of traditional Rajasthani attractions, well-fed camels and citadels. This camel country is also famous for its exotic camel safaris, its gorgeous forts and the worship of thousands of holy rats at Mata Kali temple.

Camel Safari :
One Night / Two Days
Area :
Western Rajasthan
Weather :
Warm Sunny days and cold nights.
Focus :
Camel Safari in the interiors of Desert region
Grading :
When To Go : October to March
Getting There :

(can be tailor-made on request)

Day 1 - NEW DELHI / BIKANER (Overnight Train)
Late evening board overnight train to reach next day morning Bikaner. Overnight on board train.

Morning wake up to the call of the tea wallahs'! We are received at the Rail Station with the traditional welcome of vermillion tikka and garlands. After wash & change & breakfast at the Palace Heritage hotel we go for sightseeing of the 13th century Junagarh Fort with its rich stone carved Palaces, museums and take a short walk to the ancient walled city of colorful bazars & intricate alleyways. We drive in the afternoon, stopping enroute at unique Rat Temple and arrive late afternoon at our starting point of the next days camel safari. Enjoy an introductory sunset camel ride and get acquainted with your good looking camels. Overnight in deluxe camps.

Day 3 - DASODI / MITHERIYA (Camel Safari : 5-6 hrs)
We continue from our camp riding the camels visiting the farms, local dhanis (homes), oasis & hords of scenic view around to appreciate the countryside and the inhospitable rare living conditions of the locals, who have made these desert lands as their home since the Old Caravan Trade Route. Our camp today is overlooking the sandy dunes of the region and is slightly away from the nearest settlement. Evening we sway with camp fire & dance & songs narrated by our accompanied musicians. Overnight in deluxe tents.

Early morning with early breakfast travel to Bikaner train station to board day train to reach New Delhi.

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